Q3 Medical Devices Ltd. is an Ireland based holding company with multiple global operations in Germany, China, & the United States along with strong global partnerships, and an ever-growing strategic investor base, including China Pioneer Pharma Holdings Limited listed on the Hong Kong Exchange (1345) and Boill Holding Group, Shanghai China. The holding and its companies are focused on the development, manufacturing and distribution of its novel Bioresorbable, micro invasive, drug delivery, and core products platforms for interventional cardiology, peripheral vascular, and non-vascular diseases. Q3 Medical Devices Ltd. was formed by a global group of entrepreneurs, manufactures, distributors, industry doctors and investors, focused on the development and acquisition of medical device businesses with annual revenues between 1-10 Million. The acquisitions are targeted in areas that expand the groups manufacturing base and capabilities, grow its distribution channel and accelerate its products offering, focusing on the minimally invasive treatment of patients with cardiology, peripheral vascular and non-vascular diseases.

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